Top five best Chinese electric scooters on AliExpress

Whether for fun, function or pleasure, electric scooters are a handy way to get around town. There are a lot of them though, and most cost a pretty penny, at least if you’re looking for the good stuff.

That’s where Chinese electric scooters from AliExpress come into the mix – unlike their heavily marketed and promoted American and European counterparts, the best AliExpress scooters are very reasonably priced.

It’s certainly a case of top-draw value for money spent, and in this guide, I’ll show you the best AliExpress electric scooters you can buy right now.

Best overall – E TWOW GT Sport

Image showing E-TWOW GT sport e-scooter
With enough power and enough features to make for a truly modern e-scooter, the E-TWOW GT-Sport is all you’ll need in an electric scooter and then some.

At a glance

Sleek and stylish design

Strong and durable frame

Excellent ride quality

Beefy 700W motor


Free shipping to US and EU states

Impressive add-ons – Bluetooth connectivity, App functionality

The all-round completeness of the e-TWOW GT Sport makes it the AliExpress electric scooter to beat. From design to performance and everything else in between, this beautifully crafted scooter has much to love and very little to hate.

You’ll love the sleek design. A slender but sturdy subpanel tapers off into an elegant handlebar. And together, that forms a robust and long enough stand frame to provide optimal support for your upper body.

Down below, the similarly minimalist base is even sturdier to support your full body weight. There’s a rubberized flooring for extra grip and a miniature parking lever for parking snappily.

The overall minimal build of the GT-Sport makes it an especially portable electric scooter. Once parked, you can easily fold it up and carry it on your way.

A relatively powerful 700W electric motor delivers power to this scooter. For comparison, this Amazon bestseller scooter is powered by a 250W motor and costs a handsome $800 despite having a poorer build quality compared to the GT-sport.

The GT-Sport with its 700W 46V motor can do 18 – 21 miles (30 – 35 KM) on a single charge. Its max speed is a nifty 46KM/h. That range and top speed are pretty much unrivalled at this price point.

For safety, you get a powerful led lamp up front for The GT-Sport is also lined by reflectors on its back wheel, sidelines and in front. This lighting kit makes sure you’re visible at night.

There’s a digital display up top center on the GT Sports mini dash. It displays important information like your current speed, location and battery level in great detail.

The GT sport also has a handy companion app which syncs to it via Bluetooth. It logs all the stats and even comes with a function to electronically lock the scooter. Pretty nice.

Overall, this is perhaps the most complete scooter you can buy now on AliExpress for the price. The design is magnificent, and its performance characteristics are definitely range-topping.

1st runner up – Vavava Scooter

Image showing the Vavava scooter
The unbranded version of a popular and expensive e-scooter, the Vavava scooter is essentially premium stuff at an affordable price point.

At a glance

Affordable, yet capable AliExpress scooter

Minimalist and eye-catching design

Portable and compact build – ideal last mile e-scooter

Complete premium e-scooter features

Good enough power – decent 30km range and 25km/h top speed

The Vavava Scooter is basically an unlabeled Xiaomi Mi electric scooter. By shedding off the Xiaomi badge, this scooter also sheds off more than $300 in its asking price. At $331, it’s arguably one of the most affordable yet capable scooters on AliExpress.

You’ll like the sleek and minimalist look on this. Like the e-TWOW scooter, this spots a minimalist base paired to an even more streamlined frame.

Everything comes together in stylistic, hip, gen-z fashion to make for a scooter that’ll definitely turn heads as you scoot around town.

There’s a 300W motor onboard that powers the Vavava scooter through a 30km range on a full charge. Top speed is a healthy 25km/h, and for a scooter made for winding through city traffic, that’s more than enough.

Very impressively, this scooter comes with a rear disc brake which provides better stopping power than the drum brakes you’d find on most other e-scooters in this price range.

You can get it with either solid or pneumatic, inflatable tires. Pneumatic tires are better overall, and on this scooter they bump up the price by a few dollars

Add-ons like the powerful led headlight and an active brake light, plus side and frame mounted reflectors complete the package.

If you’re the type to return from work or a fun hangout past nighttime, you’ll have no problems scooting your way through town on the Vavava scooter. I already mentioned the clean display between the handlebars.

On there, you’ll see info about your speed, range and drive mode – you can set the Vavava scooter on a special eco mode to conserve more power for longer rides.

There’s also an app that connects to the scooter via Bluetooth, which is a nice touch for a scooter at this price range. The app synchronizes and logs all your driving data, providing even more in-depth information. It also allows you to lock the scooter electronically.

As far portability goes, this is one of the most portable scooters you can get on AliExpress (there’s something better, but we’ll get to that scooter later). The Vavava scooter folds down compactly like the e-TWOW and is easy to carry.

2nd runner up – Ruima mini4 Pro

Image showing Ruima Mini 4 Pro e-scooter
Rugged to a fault, the Mini4 Pro strips down to the basics for a durable and capable e-scooter

At a glance

Value for money spent

Rugged and extremely durable


Okayish ride quality

Option for seat

The Ruima mini4 Pro lacks the sleek edges and refined build of the E-TWOW scooter. In place of refinement, what you get is a built-to-be-durable and rugged by all measures scooter.

At first look, you can tell that it was made to last. You get a sturdy frame and an even beefier base.

There’s industrial-grade rubber covering each handlebar, and from the exposed screws and weld points, it’s easy to see the level of gritty engineering that went into making this. However, I should note that this rugged build doesn’t affect the finishing quality of the Mini4 Pro. It’s still a good-looking scooter by all means.

Performance-wise, the Mini4 Pro packs a 500W motor that can power it to range-topping speeds of 40Km/h. Ruima does limit the top speed of the Mini 4 Pro from the factory, but it can be unlocked to go the full 40km/h using their app.

Range is an impressive 25km, and unlike many cheap scooters, the advertised range here is the real-world range.

The only noticeable drawback in the performance of the Mini 4 Pro is that it uses a solid tire at the back instead of a pneumatic, inflatable tire, which is what you’d get in front.

Inflatable tires are better for comfortability and ride quality, and although this scooter kinda makes up for it by having an active suspension system, it’d have been way better if the tire platform was all inflatable.

There’s a digital display mounted on one of the handlebars, but the Mini 4 pro lacks reflectors and light, which makes it only ideal for use in daylight conditions.

Now, because the Mini 4 Pro is pretty much a bare-bones rugged e-scooter, it’s incredibly compact and easy to carry when folded. The lack of electrical extras and some skilled engineering also makes this a waterproof scooter.

So while it won’t be the best option to go about town at night, it certainly is the e-scooter to have at hand on a rainy day.

3rd runner up – Ruima Folding e-scooter

Image showing Ruima Folding scooter
Portable as an umbrella, this is the e-scooter to fold on a walk and unfold for a smooth ride downtown whenever you need it.

At a glance

Best compact scooter

Extremely compact and lightweight design

Folds into a portable carry-along shape

Beefy power, top speed and range for the size

Kitted with the full complement of extras

Removable batteries allow for longer range and easy battery replacement.

The Ruima foldable e-Scooter is a finely crafted and simple-in-design scooter made for those who want an extremely lightweight scooter that’s super easy to carry and use.

When folded, it’s almost like a walking stick, something you can easily carry along and deploy once needed.

Build quality on this scooter is excellent. It’s a refined scooter with exacting proportions and design features. There’s no build bloat anywhere, and anything you see is a functional scooter part.

Obviously, to keep this lightweight, Ruima has made some tradeoffs. The minimal and simple build means this is not the e-scooter for anyone who’s on the heavy side of the weighing scale.

To keep the tire profile simple, they’ve also opted for dual solid tires, and that kinda drops the ride quality of this machine, although I won’t worry much if you were using this on good, paved roads.

There’s the full complement of lighting and other extras onboard, though. You get functional rear and handlebar-mounted brake lights.

It’s literally plastered with reflectors on all sides, so this is an e-scooter you’ll be comfortable with driving at night. There’s a small but still effective display as well.

Power comes from a chunky 350W motor with a range of 25km and a top speed of 25km/h. Impressive numbers for a scooter this size, but even more impressively, the Ruima comes with removable batteries.

This setup allows you to have more than one functional battery. If you ever have to scoot around town farther than usual, you can pack an extra battery in your backpack and easily swap when you’re low on power.

Overall, this is a highly recommended scooter for anyone looking to get something that’s super easy to carry around through town and on commute.

It has all the basics covered, and even though there are a few concessions, when you consider the price and the convenience this scooter affords, it’s well worth it.

4th runner up – Mercane Pro

Image showing Mercane pro e-scooter
The Mercane Pro is a sophisticated and powerful e-scooter. It’s the scooter to get for anyone who wants absolute top-draw performance and above the board build quality.

At a glance

Money no object pick

Top draw build quality

Range-topping performance – 100W battery | 40km top speed | 75Km range

Heightened security with a physical key

Unmatched ride quality

Dual front and rear disc brakes

For the price and in terms of overall quality, very few e-scooters come close to the Mercane pro on AliExpress. Its build oozes all shades of premium, and on the performance front, it’s literally light years ahead of anything at this price.

With the build, what Mercane has done is blend both form and functionality to create an e-scooter that looks nice without cutting corners. So you get an exquisite-looking base platform with tapered-off edges to save weight.

The rear is seriously minimalist, and again, that’s function plus form in that it looks great, and the minimalist design cuts weight. You get a pretty robust frame that blends into the wide body style of the scooter.

This is a frame that’s guaranteed to hold up pretty much any bodyweight class, and because it’s robust, it fits into the overall design language of the Wide Wheel Pro – again, form plus function.

Performance numbers are simply stellar for an e-scooter at this price. This thing ships with a 1000W motor on board.

Range is an enviable 75Km with a top speed of 40km/h. Unlike most other e-scooters, you get both front and rear disc brakes – that’s pretty much maximum stopping power whenever you need it.

And because of its wide body style tires, which are, by the way, pneumatic (inflatable), comfortability is simply unmatched.

This scooter comes with a dedicated physical key, and that obviously improves security. There’s a very modern taillight at the back and a handy digital display between the handlebars.

Pretty much every other material extra (save for a headlight, weirdly) is included.

Who should buy the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro? Anyone who doesn’t want to negotiate on range-topping quality and performance in an e-scooter.

How we made this pick – What makes a great e-scooter

The mid-ground between performance and portability

Most people will use electric scooters as auxiliary transport devices – you’re not doing interstate travel on an e-scooter (if you plan to, maybe you should check out this beast of a scooter).

As you shop for scooters, you’ll find that most noteworthy scooters will fall into either of two categories – those with enough power under the hood at the expense of portability and those with a slender build and correspondingly less power.

What you want is an e-scooter that finds the middle ground between this divide, and for the most part, these are the scooters I’ve included in this review of the best e-scooters available on AliExpress.

Acceptable power

The power of the electrical motor driving an e-scooter is measured in watts, and more power in watts translates to better performance in the real world.

The more the power in watts, the faster the e-scooter, the longer its range and the more load it’ll be able to bear. Does that mean you should go for the absolute most powerful e-scooter? Nah?

From experience, I’ve seen that anything above 300W should be good enough. Anything between 300W and 1000W is excellent. And once you start exceeding a 1500W threshold, you’re entering into high-performance territory.

Remember what I said about high performance? You’d usually give up both portability and range to be able to incorporate those types of motors in an e-scooter.

Build quality

Build quality is an important consideration to make, not just because quality builds on an e-scooter look better, but also because build quality directly affects performance and durability. You want an e-scooter that’ll last longer than your work shoes.

Top-quality e-scooters are made of lightweight materials like aluminum or composites like magnesium alloys.

Some manufacturers get away with using good old-fashioned steel that’s been modified to reduce its weight.

Whichever the case, you’re fine with most metal builds. What you want to absolutely avoid are e-scooters with plastic frames or base platforms. They’ll break sooner rather than later.


Ride comfort in an e-scooter is ultimately a function of its suspension system and type of tire. The best options are active suspension systems and pneumatic, inflatable tires, respectively.

Either way, ride quality is usually decent enough in most well-built e-scooters IF you’re mostly using them on properly tarred city roads.

The question of comfortability and how active suspension systems and inflatable quality tires improve it only becomes significant if your roads are not good quality. In that case, you’d need to look out for e-scooters like the Rumia Pro that have these functions baked in.

Battery and range

All the e-scooters I’ve recommended on this list will do 20km comfortably on a single charge. You’ll find that that’s the average range generally for most noteworthy e-scooters.

For better range, you need a bigger battery, and that usually means a bigger e-scooter which brings the performance vs portability debate into the picture once again.

If you plan to use your e-scooter as a long ranger, then it makes sense to invest in a scooter with a bigger battery. If you’re in the market for a hop-and-go kinda e-scooter, then 20km range is more than enough.

To conclude

AliExpress e-scooters are great for their price-to-value ratio. I already cited an example earlier where a same make, same spec e-scooter on AliExpress cost about $300 less than its branded alternative on Amazon.

When you shop on AliExpress for e-scooters, you’re basically buying from the supplier or someone very close to the supplier – on big-name e-commerce sites, it’s a bunch of resellers with jacked-up margins.

This guide to shopping for e-scooters on AliExpress should help you figure out the best e-scooter for your needs on the platform. If you’ve got questions, check out the FAQ segment underneath.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take for AliExpress to ship my e-scooter?

Shipping times for an electric scooter on AliExpress vary by seller and the shipping method used.
There are three shipping methods on AliExpress:

Fast option – using FedEx, USPS or DHL
Average duration – one week. Cost expensive

Okay option – using AliExpress standard shipping
Average duration – three to four weeks. Cost affordable

Slow option – SingaporePost/Cainiao
Average duration – three months. Cost-free or extremely cheap

Your shipping time will depend on the method used by the seller.

That said, the e-scooter segment in AliExpress is kinda unique in that most sellers offer free, fast shipping to continental US and parts of Europe.

Many other sellers have actual warehouses in the US and select EU states, so shipping is not only free in those cases, it’s also extremely fast – you can get your scooter in three days!

Can I trust AliExpress when buying an e-scooter?

AliExpress operates much like eBay or Amazon, so there’s a robust buyer protection program in place.
If the seller doesn’t deliver your e-scooter as per the order specifications, you’re entitled to a full refund.

I’ve had more than twenty failed orders on AliExpress after shopping there for what’s more than five years now. In every case, I got my full money’s worth after filling in a dispute.