The top 5 best Umidigi smartphones you can buy in 2021

We’re in the thousand-dollar smartphone age with phones that double as professional cameras, high-tech computers, body fitness and health checkup devices, and personal gaming rigs.

If you’re someone like me earning in the sub 500 dollar range, then you probably don’t have the luxury to splurge another thousand dollars on your next smartphone purchase. You want something that attempts to do all the nice smartphone things but at half (maybe quarter) the price.

Umidigi smartphones fit that bill. They’re cheap and capable with some of the features you know and love on more premium Android. Yes, it’s hard to find an Umidigi smartphone with a led notification light, and, no, none ships with wireless charging out of the box.

But, for every ‘shaved off’ feature, you can expect a very significant cut back on the price. That’s why a smartphone as magnificent as the Umidigi A9 Pro costs just $220.

The A9 Pro is, however, just one of Umidigi’s releases in the market. In this buying guide for Umidigi smartphones, I itemize all the best Umidigi smartphones on the market today so you can have a general idea of which to look out for on your next smartphone purchase.

Overall best – the Umidigi A9 pro

Standout features on the Umidigi A9 Pro
An amazing camera
Impressive specifications and performance
High resolution screen
Trendy glass sandwich design
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Image of the Umidigi A9 Pro
The A9 Pro provides great value overall

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With the Umidigi A9 Pro, Umidigi went all blazing guns out to stamp their foot in the budget android smartphone market, and I’ll say to remarkable success too. The Umidigi A9 Pro is all you need in an Android smartphone, without the flamboyantly expensive stuff and at a more than affordable price point.

You get an excellent build rivaling some of the more premium Android phones, a fantastic camera system, a battery that’s enough to go a full day, and as an added perk, an infrared thermometer.

With a Helio P60 processor onboard running things, it’s definitely not the most powerful phone on the market. Some people might also not appreciate the heavy build and somewhat cheap plastic edges.

However, when you consider the $148 price, you’ll understand that these are very small sins in the grand context of things. And again and again, I’ll always say this is probably the best smartphone you can get if you’re shopping for an Android phone that provides top-notch value for every penny spent.

Second best – the Umidigi Bison

Standout features on the Umidigi Bison
Rugged build
IP68 IP69 rated for water and dust resistance
Amazing battery life
Top-tier specifications
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Umidigi Bison featured image
Rugged and with beastly specifications, the Umidigi Bison is the A9 Pro in a tough outer shell

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If you wanted the Umdigi A9 Pro in a rugged, robust, and practically damage-proof skin, then you’d go for the Umidigi Bison. The Bison is Umidigi’s rugged smartphone offering built for the outdoors.

It’s weather-sealed with an IP68 and 69K rating for water, dust, and harsh-weather resistance. It comes ‘bufferized’ with shock-absorbing outer rims to protect it from falls. And, the battery capacity is a sizable 5000mAH – enough to last days in the wilderness.

The added features and durability rating, however, mean Umidigi must charge extra for this phone. If you’re interested, be ready to shell out $178 to get one delivered to you.

Is the added price (and features) justified or worth it? Yes, if you’re someone with specialty smartphone needs – someone who wants a smartphone that can handle the elements in a month-long skiing trip or something in that line. Otherwise, you’re better off with the Umidigi A9 Pro.

Third best – the Umidigi A7 Pro

Standout features on the Umidigi A7 Pro
Quality display
Top of the line budget smartphone specifications and performance
Premium glass sandwich build
Cheaper than the A9 Pro
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The Umidigi A7 Pro is one of Umidigi’s older smartphone offering released as far back as May 2020. Its ‘old age,’ however, does not stop it from snagging the third spot on this list because, in straightforward terms, it is that good.

The design and build of the A7 Pro are very similar to that of the A9 Pro – glass sandwich with glitz finished plastic edges.

The difference in specifications and processing power is also not that far apart. In fact, the A7 pro rocks the same processor found on the A9 Pro. So, in a way, you could think of the A7 Pro as a mini A9 Pro with the bells and whistles of the former, albeit at a reduced price.

Why would you buy the A7 Pro instead of the A9 Pro? Simple, the price. Right now, the A9 Pro retails for $130, $18 cheaper than the A9 Pro. If budget was ever an issue, the A7 Pro presents an opportunity to get a slice of the A9 Pro at a slashed price point.

Fourth best – the Umidigi A9

Standout features on the Umidigi A9
Excellent battery life
Large screen
Cheap but capable
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Image showing the overall view of the Umidigi A9
The A9 is another jack of all trades from Umidigi. It does all the basics right and best of all it’s budget friendly

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From the name, you can tell that the A9 is something of a toned-down version of the A9 Pro. What that means is at every phone feature level, you get a significant downgrade from what’s obtainable on the A9 Pro.

For instance, the A9 Pro comes with a full HD screen; on the A9, you get an HD+ screen. The A9 also comes with a triple camera setup compared to the quad-camera setup on the A9 Pro. 

Then there’s the matter of build quality. The polycarbonate (plastic) build on the A9 doesn’t come anywhere close to the signature glass sandwich build on the A9 Pro. The only place where this theme is not replicated is in the battery department.

The A9 ships with a 5150mAh battery that’s enough to get you through a full day (and maybe more) of smartphone use – the A9 struggles to achieve this feat and will only last a full day if you stick to the basics.

Of course, with the significant downgrades also come a significant drop in price. On AliExpress, the A9 retails for a very pocket-friendly $106. That and the bump in battery capacity makes this phone an attractive proposition for anyone who wants a ‘basic’ phone without all the flair and sleek edges you’d find on premium Android, but with the capacity to handle all the usual smartphone tasks and maybe some more.

Fifth best – the Umidigi A7s

Standout features on the Umidigi A7S
Extremely cheap
Okayish design
Check current price here
Picture showing the front view of the Umidigi A7S
The A7S does all the basics right. Overall, it’s a fitting budget smartphone

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The Umidigi A7s is what I like to call a ‘budget budget’ smartphone and for obvious reasons. It costs just about $75. How about that? Bet you never thought an Android phone could be that cheap. Well, it is cheap, but as comeuppance for the ridiculously low price, you get ridiculously bottom-tier specifications and build quality.

The A7s ships with 2GB of RAM, a MediaTek MT6737 processor, and Android 10 Go in place of regular Android 10. The camera is also not exactly spectacular. In fact, in my review of the phone, I found its portrait to be abysmally poor.

Battery capacity is disappointing as well. Although the A7s lists a 4150 battery on its packaging, I’ve found that the phone paradoxically burns through its battery percentage even while it’s sitting idle.

All that said, however, the singular fact that this phone costs a meager $75 absolves it of all its shortcomings. And if you’re looking for a dirt-cheap phone that can do the basic smartphone stuff, I couldn’t recommend anything other than the A7s.

Worthy mention – the Umidigi S5 Pro

Standout features on the Umidigi S5 Pro
An impressive pop up camera
Top tier specifications and performance
High resolution screen
Trendy glass sandwich design
Featured Image for Umidigi S5 Pro

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Ideally, the S5 Pro should be somewhere up in the third or fourth position of this ranking list, but it seems like Umidigi has stopped making or selling this smartphone. When it was in production, it was one of Umidigi’s most capable smartphones.

In fact, prior to the release of the A9 Pro, it was Umidigi’s best (discounting the Umidigi Bison) smartphone offering. With 6GB of RAM and a Helio G90T processor, if you find a store that still stocks the S5 Pro, then it’s an ideal buy if you want something that rivals the A9 Pro but costs just a little bit less.

All in all, which Umidigi smartphone should you buy?

Umidigi SmartphoneWhy you would buy it
Umidigi A9 ProThe complete budget Android phone
Umidigi BisonFor those who want the A9 Pro in a ‘beefier’ package
Umidigi A7 ProA slight downgrade of the A9 Pro but nonetheless very capable
Umidigi A9Jack of all trades that does the basics right
Umidigi A7SThe bare bones of an Android phone at a ridiculously cheap price

The answer to that question, and as you might’ve probably guessed, is entirely down to your needs.

If you need a top-of-the-line budget smartphone that turns heads but is still price competitive, then the A9 Pro is meant for you.

If you want a junior A9 Pro at a 15% discount, then maybe consider the A7 Pro.

For a more toned-down Android smartphone that does all the basics well enough, then the Umidigi A9 is your best bet.

And if you’re totally strapped for cash, then you can settle for the A7s.

Umidigi does a good job of making smartphones for every budget smartphone shopper class, so really there’s something in there for you. And, with A11 hitting the shelves a few months ago, you know that your options are expanding. I’ll review that smartphone in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.