Top five best Chinese Bluetooth speakers on AliExpress

With what’s now an almost endless list of Chinese Bluetooth speakers on the market, it can be tricky, if not challenging to find the perfect Bluetooth speaker for your taste.

Exactly why I’ve pieced up this review of the best Chinese Bluetooth speakers on AliExpress. From top to bottom, I’ll take you through the best Chinese Bluetooth speakers you can buy right now in 2022. There’s sure to be something here for the audiophile in you.

Best overall – Anker Soundcore Motion Boom

Image showing Anker Soundcore motion boom bluetooth speaker
The Motion Boom is extremely durable with unmatched sound quality in the $100 + Bluetooth speaker range.

At a glance

Rated power 30W

Superior sound clarity at all sound levels and frequencies

Portable with a super convenient handlebar

Durable build, IPX7 rated for water resistance

Seamless device paring with Bluetooth 5.0

Good battery life courtesy of a 10,000mAh power pack

USB port for phone charging

Microphone included for calls

Anker needs no introduction, and with the Motion Boom, they pretty much upped the stakes for every portable Bluetooth speaker maker. This is hands down the best Bluetooth speaker, not just the best Chinese Bluetooth speaker you can buy at the $100 price point anywhere online now.

With super deepened bass and clear as daylight trebles, this thing is light years ahead of the closest competition. Across the board, it pumps out crystal clear audio, so your listening experience remains pretty much the same whether you’re a fan of R&B or prefer the pumped-up beats of Hip Hop.

And it’s powerful enough to fill up an entire room, provided you’re not trying to jazz up a church cathedral, that is.

Durability of the Motion Boom is range-topping as well. Rubberized edges provide a dependable cushion from falls, and with its sturdy handlebar, this is a Bluetooth you’ll enjoy carrying around, no hassle.

More impressively, the Motion Boom is IPX7 rated for water resistance, meaning it’ll survive a dunk in the pool. Anker designed and made this speaker to last, and while that adds to its weight, the durability and sound quality for weight tradeoff is one I imagine many people taking.

1st runner up – Mifa A90

Image showing the Mifa A90 portable speaker
Superb sound quality and a truly streamlined build make this the perfect option for anyone who wants a portable and lightweight Bluetooth speaker on a budget.

At a glance

Streamlined and lightweight build


Impressive sound quality

IP68 rated for water resistance

Good enough battery and playback time

Seamless pairing and connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0

Pulsar light effect

Microphone included for calls

Superb build quality, extreme portability and a premium sound profile, despite costing way under $100, are the standout points of the Mifa A90.

You can think of it as a miniaturized Anker Soundcore Motion Boom – if you want something smaller, lighter, and cheaper with an almost comparable sound profile, then this is just what the sound engineer ordered.

Sound quality is more than impressive. Bass is smooth and catchy, and you’ll love the pure-sounding trebles. Clarity is great as well, and although there’s a bit of distortion at max volume, this is something that fades off the longer you use the Mifa A90.

On the package, you’ll see that this is labelled to be a 60W speaker, but that’s not true. At best, it is a 25W setup, but it’s 25W of pure-sounding audio bliss. It won’t fill up a large gym hall like the Motion Boom, but if you’re the kind to do your thang indoors at your place or outside in quiet, the sound is filling to the brim.

This doesn’t have the rubberized edges of the Motion Boom, but as far as build quality and materials go, it does well to tick all the important checkboxes. It’s IP68 rated for water resistance, and it comes with a pair of hooks where you can attach a strap.

2nd runner up – Ohwogot Boombox

Image showing Ohwogot Boombox portable chinese speaker
Extremely cheap with decent enough sound quality. On a tight budget? This is what you want.

At a glance

Pocket-friendly Bluetooth speaker

Great build quality

Decent sound profile

IPX5 rated for water and dust resistance

Portable extending to small build

Microphone included for calls

The Ohwogot Boombox will not win any sound contests, that’s for sure. What it will do is play your favorite songs with good enough audio quality to put you in the rhythm.

This is the cheapest Bluetooth speaker on this list – so the ideal option if you’re tight on a budget and need a Chinese Bluetooth speaker that’s good enough.

Bass is okayish, there’s a bit of distortion when you crank the volume up to the max, and you might find indie and R&B records a tad bit cranky played out from this speaker.

It’s also not the loudest kid on the block – anything bigger than your bedroom, and you’re gonna struggle to catch the fine details from your favorite sounds. Still, for the $20 asking price, this is more than a steal of a deal. You’ll enjoy the bass, and for everyday music listening in a bedroom, this is an ideal companion.

Build quality is alright. It’s as portable, if not better, than the Mifa A90. There’s solid feeling material everywhere you touch, and surprisingly you also get an IPX5 rating for water and dust resistance. Neat

3rd runner up – Xiaomi portable Bluetooth speaker

Image showing xiaomi mi portable speaker
The perfect Chinese Bluetooth speaker for premium, truly Hi-Fi sound experience with one caveat – it performs best in indoor settings.

At a glance

Premium Hi-fi sound quality

Portable and stylish build


IPX7 rated for water resistance

Microphone included for calls

Great battery life

Xiaomi’s portable Bluetooth speaker is a finely tuned piece of audio engineering. This is one of the purest sounding Chinese Bluetooth speakers out there and one of the very few Chinese speakers I consider to be true high fidelity (Hi-fi) material – the Motion Boom being another example.

What you get is a truly premium listening experience. Sound from this boombox is as clear as daylight with a sick bass profile and range-topping treble performance.

This thing scales all sound frequencies like nothing else; Pop, Indie, R&B, bring it on. Its only drawback and reason why it’s not first or second on this list of the best AliExpress speakers is the sound level.

It’s not the loudest Chinese Bluetooth speaker on the market; anywhere asides from your home, and this will struggle to be the centerpiece audio device.

Build quality and durability are all shades of premium. The design is sleek and very trendy, with some soft clicking control buttons.

It will survive a dip in the pool or fun day outdoors with light showers since it’s rated IPX7 for water resistance. And with its portable build, it’s a fun speaker to snap in a backpack without even thinking about it.

4th runner up – Mifa A10+

Image showing Mifa A10+ Chinese speaker
Great looking, good audio quality and an awesome price, the Mifa A10+ is a stylish Bluetooth speaker that comes to town with superb audio quality as well.

At a glance

Stylish and trendy design

Good enough sound quality

Pocket-friendly price

Good battery life

IPX6 rated for water resistance

The Mifa A10+ is perhaps the most eye-catching AliExpress Bluetooth speaker on this list. With some sick graffiti décor wrap around it’s a speaker that stands out in every situation. Sound quality though not standout, is good enough considering the price.

You can grab the A10+ for just $26 at the time of writing this, and for that sum, you get genuinely deep bass and punchy trebles as well.

Clarity is okayish, it’s not as pure as the Xiaomi portable speaker, but there’s certainly none of that muffling or distortion you’d typically associate with Bluetooth speakers at this price point.

The secret on how it manages to do that? Well, there’s a throttle on just how loud the A10 + can go. Like the Xiaomi portable speaker, this thing will not fill up anything larger than your living room on a good day. And that’s not entirely bad – the A10 + was made to be a fun, handy little Bluetooth speaker, the kind you jam off to during yoga or in your quiet place at the park.

One place where the cheap pricing does show is in the build quality department. So while this is flashy, eyecatching, and all that, the build material is not the best out there. It will last a while provided you take good care of it.

All in all, you’ll love the A10 + if all you need is a good-sounding Bluetooth speaker that looks great and goes easy on your pocket.

How we made this pick – what matters in a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Sound quality

How good a speaker sounds is obviously the most important feature to consider when shopping for one to match your needs.

Sound quality is a very subjective topic, so we’ve pretty much oriented our grading to speakers that pump out thick bass and excellent treble while maintaining serious clarity – speakers that are Hi-fi. We did also consider distortion across varying frequencies and sound levels in this review.

In the end, and as I said, measuring sound quality is subjective, but you can rest easy knowing that our picks in this review go past the standard threshold for sound quality.

Battery life

Bigger batteries in a Bluetooth speaker translate to longer playback times which is what you’d need if you’re taking your speaker out for a fun day at the beach.

All speakers in this review pack beefed up power packs for their price. The Anker Soundcore Motion Boom, for instance, houses a hefty 10,000mAh battery that you can use to charge your phone while you’re at it.

Durability and waterproofing

The assumption is any Bluetooth speaker will and should take a beating. After all, one of the reasons you’re buying one is so you can have a portable sound system to jam up wherever you go.

Properly built speakers spot a mix of durable rubber and resilient metal to serve as an encasement. Cheaper builds come with just a plastic outer shell. Waterproofing, on the other hand, is pretty much a standard feature on any serious Bluetooth speaker.

The price

You can get a JBL Extreme portable speaker complete with all the bells and whistles of premium audio and build quality for $216. But I’m going to go on a limb here and guess you’re here for the pocket-friendly, value-for-money Bluetooth speaker deals.

I stuck to that when piecing up this review, and for what it’s worth, even though the Anker Motion boom won’t outclass the JBL … in overall testing, it comes pretty close – close enough to justify not spending that extra $…

To conclude

The best AliExpress Bluetooth speakers are very much pocket friendly, as I’ve demonstrated in this review. But even though they’re in a way cheaper than the more premium JBL, Bose options, they don’t lack too much. If you want the best value for your money spent, these fairly priced Bluetooth speakers are exactly what the sound engineer ordered.