Umidigi Urun review – polished and well equipped

Umidigi now makes smartwatches, and as it is for their Android smartphones, these are smartwatches that cost less and attempt to provide the best value for money spent.

The Urun is a second-gen Umidigi smartwatch designed to be a fitness smartwatch to fulfill that Umdigi value for money promise. Did it do that?

What’s in the box

Image showing what's in the box of the Umidigi Urun
You get the Umidigi Urun smartwatch, a charging cable, and the smartwatch manual

Only three things: the Umidigi Urun smartwatch, a charging cable, and the smartwatch manual that’s all.


Image showing the form factor of the Umdigi Urun
The Umidigi Urun’s familiar form factor with its rounded watch face and silicone straps draw inspiration from the Amazfit GTR 2e

The Umidigi Urun features a very familiar smartwatch design; a rounded watch face with two control buttons and silicone straps. It’s the same form factor as the Amazfit GTR 2e and many other smartwatches at this price level.

Image showing the build quality of the Umidigi Urun
Coated metal, two control buttons and a 2.5D curved glass cover stand out as the main design features of the Urun

The Urun’s watch body is made up of what feels like coated metal. Umidigi calls it Aircraft-grade aluminum. Mine’s in grey, and it looks very nice. On the right of the watch body’s frame are the two control button, and up top, it’s covered by a 2.5D curved glass – meaning the glass is raised – to give it a more modernistic look. Underneath that glass cover is a 1.1-inch Led IPS screen. The screen doesn’t cover the full extent of the watch face, so you get pretty sizable margins all around.

Like I said earlier, out of the box, this comes with silicone straps, and for the one, I’ve got it’s colored darkish grey with Umidigi embossed on the metal latch.

Image showing the bottom plate of the Umidigi Urun
The Umidigi’s Urun’s bottom plate is interrupted by the health monitoring module and the charging contacts

If you look underneath the Umidigi Urun, you’re greeted by a painted metal cover with the watch’s sensor assembly in the middle and the charging contacts on the flank.

Overall the Urun’s design and build profile is very similar to what you’ll see on the Amazfit GTR 2e, and if you’ve read my review of that smartwatch, you’d see it was all praises. Same thing here, for the price, the Umidigi Urun spots a clean and refined look that’s definitely going to stand out on your arm.


The Urun is a loaded smartwatch, and I’ll demonstrate that:

Screen tech

If you get the Urun, you get a 1.1-inch color TFT LCD touch screen with a 240 x 240-pixel resolution. TFT screens are not the best in the smartwatch business – AMOLEDs are – but it is darn right impossible to get an AMOLED screen at a sub $50 price.

Water resistance

The Umidigi Urun is water-resistant as long as you don’t immerse it in water with pressures of more than 5ATM. That’s enough cover to use this in the rain when doing the dishes and maybe bathing. What it won’t do is survive the water pressures that come with diving.

Sensor roll call

On the Umidigi Urun, there are two sensor modules; the health monitoring and sport function modules;

The health monitoring module can measure;

  • Heart rate
  • Body oxygen saturation
  • Blood pressure
  • Duration of sleep (sleep tracking)

There’s an auxiliary compass and weather tracker as well


The Umidigi Urun connects to your smartphone via USB 5.0. Worth noting that this connection is not direct as you’ll need to install the Urun’s complementary PAIactive app from the Google PlayStore to synchronize the watch to your mobile phone

Battery capacity and performance

There’s no official word from Umidigi on the battery pack included in the Urun, but they say this can go ten days with active use or 40 days if you keep it on standby after a full charge. In my experience, the Urun last just about a week with active use, so close enough and good enough.

Charging is via a two-pin magnetic contact charging cable, and it’ll take just under three hours to get this from 0 – 100%.

The screen

Image showing the screen of the Umidigi Urun
The Umidigi Urun’s 240 x 240 pixel screen is just about the best you can get at this price

The Umidigi Urun’s 1.1-inch screen, like I said earlier, is not the greatest out there. However, when you factor in the price of this smartwatch, it works out to be a great bargain. It’s a 240 x 240-pixel display, so you’re going to notice the individual pixels if you stare closely and for long enough, but the color pop and brightness is certainly one of the best at this price range.

It’s a good look overall, and even in bright daylight conditions, I’ve not had any issues with using the Urun.

Watch features

The Urun is packed full of smartwatch features, but since this is a fitness smartwatch before anything else, I’ll be focusing on that. So just what can you do with the Umidigi Urun as far as it concerns fitness and health?

Track your heart rate

Image showing heart rate tracking on the Umidigi Urun
You can measure your heart rate with the Umidigi Urun

Your heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute. The Umidigi Urun’s health monitoring module comes equipped with a heart rate sensor to track this metric either continuously or intermittently, depending on your preference. If you set it to track your heart rate continuously via the PAIactive app, you can also set it to notify you (via vibration) when your heart rate exceeds or drops below a certain threshold. Very neat!

Track your oxygen saturation (SPO2) levels

Image showing blood oxygen saturation measurement on the Umidigi Urun
The Umidigi Urun’s health monitoring module also includes a sensor for blood oxygen saturation

Oxygen saturation is a measure of how much your blood is oxygenated. The ideal reference range is between 95% and 100%. On the Urun, you can actively measure this with a simple click of a button. That’s again thanks to the Urun’s health monitoring sensor module.

Track your blood pressure

Image showing blood pressure monitor on the Umidigi Urun
The Umidigi Urun comes with a special and rare blood pressure monitor

Surprisingly there’s a blood pressure tracker on the Umidigi Urun; that’s a feature you don’t even get on the pricier Amazfit GTR 2e. In my experience, I’d say it’s fairly accurate, although you do need to configure it by measuring your blood pressure on a professional BP measuring equipment first.

Track your sleep

The Umidigi Urun comes with an inbuilt sleep tracker, which you can use to track how much sleep you get each day. The tracker is such that you can even qualify the nature of sleep, which could be light, deep, or REM sleep.

Track your physical activity

Image showing fitness tracking on the Umidigi Urun
Virtually all fitness activities can be tracked on the Umidigi Urun

Click on the sports tab on the Urun’s home screen, and you’re ushered to a menu that allows you to track up to eighteen different sporting and physical activities, be it running, walking, running a treadmill, skiing, you name it.

There’s also an inbuilt step tracker that allows you to track how many steps you take in a whole day. This information is further processed in the PAIactive app to reveal how many calories you managed to burn in that time.

UI score

Over 10, I’ll score the feel of the UI/UX on the Umidigi Urun 7. It’s not as fluid as what you’d get on the Amazfit GTR 2e, but it comes close, and it’s fun and easy to use. There are 18 menu items, and you can reach each by scrolling through the Urun’s touch-sensitive screen. Two control buttons – the main control, which is up, and an auxiliary button down below – allow you to wake the Urun from sleep.

If you click the main button when the Urun’s screen is turned off, it wakes the smartwatch up. When you click again, it takes you to the main menu, from where you can scroll through or select a menu tab. If you want to go back a previous menu, you can simply swipe right. Note that the Urun’s screen is also woken up by movement of the arm as you would do when you wanted to check the time.

The auxiliary button on the Umidigi Urun serves as a shortcut key to launch the sports tab of the smartwatch.

The PAIactive app

Connection to your smartphone is via the PAIactive app; I already mentioned that. The app acts as a more robust interface to track all the data collected by the Umidigi Urun. It also allows you to control what the watch does finely.

Once paired, the PAIactive app is in perpetual sync with the Umidigi Urun as long as both are in range. The app itself is comprehensive enough, so you can check virtually every detail and fitness metric available on the Urun in more detail.  Better still, unlike the watch, which sort of refreshes every 24 hours, the PAIactive app keeps a historical record of all your fitness and health data. You can also configure watch settings on the app.

Pricing and availability

The Umidigi Urun is available for purchase on both Amazon and AliExpress

Umidigi UrunPricing and Availability
AmazonCheck current price
AliExpressCheck current price

What’s not to like on the Umidigi Urun

Well, the Umidigi Urun is a great bargain of a fitness smartwatch, but if I’m going to be nitpicky, I’d say two things act as significant drawbacks;

First, this doesn’t come with an in-built microphone or speaker

And what that means is you can’t use this to answer or make calls. When a call comes in, the Urun will vibrate to notify you, and then you have to answer the call on your phone.

Next, there are only four watch-face options.

And I like only one. Unlike the Amazfit GTR 2e, which allows you to download more watch faces in-app and sync to your smartwatch, the Urun comes preloaded with four watch faces, and that’s all you get for customization.

Should you buy the Umidigi Urun

What you’ll like on the Umidigi UrunWhat’s you’ll hate on the Umidigi Urun
Excellent fitness and health trackingNo inbuilt microphone or speaker
Great battery life Limited watch face options
Premium build quality
Budget friendly
Image showing general overview of the Umidigi Urun
All things considered the Umidigi Urun provides great value for money spent

Yes, if you’re considering it, and here’s my reason. It’s a cheap Android smartwatch that does practically everything you’ll need it to do as far as it concerns fitness and health. What I’m saying is, it’s a nice fitness smartwatch for the price.

Add that to the fact that it also looks cooler than many other fitness smartwatches in this price range, and you get to understand why this is such a bargain.

Umidigi Urun Specifications
Dimensions Diameter – 44mm
Thickness – 12.9mm
Weight – 26g
Display typeColor TFT LCD touch display
Screen size 1.1 inch
Resolution240*240 pixels
Touch screenYes
Screen protection2.5D tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating
Watch control buttons2 physical buttons
Watch case materialAircraft-grade aluminum
Wrist strap materialSilicone
Removable wrist strapYes
Wrist strap width22mm
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery lifeActive use: 10 days
Standby: 40 days
Charging type2Pin magnetic contact
Charging time3 hours
Feature list Heart rate monitoring
Blood oxygen(SpO2) saturation monitoring
Female health tracking
Sleep tracking
Reminder functionality (drugs, water intake, sleep)
Physical activity trackingYes
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AliExpressCheck current price