Mpow M13 Review– an upgrade to the Mpow X3

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The Mpow M13 is yet another TWS earbud from Mpow. On the surface level, this looks a bit more refined than any other Mpow TWS I’ve reviewed with what’s an excellent spec list to match. It’s also pricier than the typical Mpow earbud, starting at $20 on AliExpress. Let’s see if it’s, however, worth your time and the extra bucks.

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What’s in the box

Image showing what's in the box of the Mpow M13
You get a USB C cable, an extra set of ear tips, a warranty slip, a quick start guide, the MPow M13 itself, and a rather stylish carry case.

You get a USB C cable, an extra set of ear tips, a warranty slip, a quick start guide, the MPow M13 itself, and a rather stylish carry case.


Image showing the build quality of the Mpow M13
The Mpow M13 spots a very cotemporary build that’s all shades of premium

The M13 sports a very contemporary TWS earbud build with the now popular pebble shape form factor accentuated by very well-rounded edges. The actual ear tips protrude from the pebble shape body in the same stylistic manner as you’d see on the Haylou GT5 and the QCY HT01.

Image showing the build and design of the Mpow M13
With the Mpow M13 it’s simple and uncomplicated

It’s a design config I really like, and Mpow manages to capture it on the M13 in what I’d say is a very mature rendition. No glossy edges, no overly stylish design cues or prominent markings – just a well-designed earbud in the most simple form possible. If you’re like me, you’d appreciated the sophistication of simplicity.

Image showing the build material of the Mpow M13
The Mpow M13 is made of a textured plastic material that feels nice to touch

Anyways, build quality is also excellent here. The M13 feels very high-end despite its simple build. I’ve got mine in grey, and the material used is a nice feeling, soft and textured plastic. I’ve not seen it on any other TWS build before, but I love it – it certainly complements the premium look and feel of the Mpow M13.

Fit and comfortability

Image showing the ear tips of the Mpow M13
Soft ear tips and a sleek build makes this comfy in ear

Mpow makes some really comfortable TWS earbuds, and that trend continues on the M13. These glide into place and stay there thanks to the extra grip provided by the textured build and their streamlined form factor. While they don’t have the extra appendage that makes the Mpow Mdots such a secure fit, the M13 can hold its place in your ear through mild to moderate physical activity. You can use this for jogging, running, or exercising without ever worrying that they’d come off mid-routine.

Comfortability is where you’d expect it to be for a well-designed TWS earbud. The M13 is lightweight, ergonomic, and comfy in-ear, and again that’s all down to its form factor and build quality. I’ve had this on for extended periods (extending to five hours) without any bouts of discomfort. I’ve even worn them to sleep without them being any much of a bother.

The spec sheet

On the M13, you get some new-gen features unlike what you’ve seen on other Mpow earphones. This includes:

  • Wireless charging
  • IPX8 rating for water resistance
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • And the standard
  • Touch control
  • Twin stereo mode
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Wireless charging

Wireless charging on the Mpow M13 is via the portable carry case, not the earbuds themselves. Regardless it’s still a nice feature to have, and very few budget TWS earbuds (like the QCY HT01) bother to include this.

Passive noise cancellation

As opposed to the better active noise cancellation you’d find on earbuds like the QCY HT01, the M13 is equipped with passive noise cancellation. That’s definitely a step-down, but for what it’s worth, it works.

IPX8 rating

An IPX8 rating for water resistance means, in theory, the M13 can be submerged into water up to 1 meter. In practice, this means you can take the M13 for a run in the rain or sweat it out in the gym without ever worrying it’d spoilt.

Touch control

Touch control on the M13 is the same as what you’d find on other Mpow earbuds

Twin stereo mode

Each M13 earbud connects separately to your phone to provide stereo and not mono sound.

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is pretty much the standard for most TWS earbuds in this price range, so no surprise here. Bluetooth 5.0 offers:

  • Lower latency, which comes in handy when you use this as a gamin earbud
  • Larger sample rate and bandwidth providing support for HiFi codecs, like the aptX codec on the Mpow M13.
  • Longer range

Sound quality

The soundstage on the Mpow M13 is immersive and very detailed. All sound levels and frequencies are well represented – so you get

  • punchy bass
  • resonant trebles
  • detailed instrumentals
  • and, very importantly, a simulated 3D surround effect.

This is all typical for an Mpow TWS earbud, so no surprises here. Both the Mpow Mdot, X3, and Mpods rock this same clairvoyant soundstage. Rock, pop, and hip-hop songs all sound pitch-perfect. If you’re a fan of EDM or Hip Hop tunes, you’ll love the extra punch of the bass, the pure sounding vocals, and the depth of the M13’s sound stage.

Call and media playback quality

The M13 comes fitted with two microphones for calls, and they do a pretty decent job of picking up voice with clarity and loudness. I didn’t have any issue whatsoever with being heard or, conversely, hearing what’s been said on calls.

Media playback quality is also impressive. Latency is almost non-existent, and as you’d expect, you don’t get any lags or stutter when using the M13 for gaming or watching video content.

Battery life

Image showing the Mpow M13 in its carrycase
The MPow M13 supports both wired charging via a USB C port and wireless charging via the carry case

The Mpow M13 can go six hours of active usage on a full charge. On standby, each earbud can last a full day and a half with the carrycase housing another 400mAh of power that translates to an extra three full charges.

Because the M13 comes with wireless charging support you can charge it either by using the supplied USB C charging cable or a wireless charging pad.

Connectivity and range

The Mpow M13 replicates the stellar range and connectivity performance you’d find on the Mpow Mpods. Good thing it didn’t carry over the less than impressive range of the Mdots especially considering both are in the same price range, compared to the Mpods, which is costlier.

Anyways, this will hold a Bluetooth connection to your phone or laptop for the advertised 10 meters. Even in the presence of walls, it still manages to hold the connection and not just hold it, hold it without stuttering. Neat.

Should you buy the Mpow M13

Imaging showing the overall build of the Mpow M13
The M13 attempts to do everything its predecessors did to considerable success

Absolutely! If you’re in the market for an inexpensive modern TWS earbud that sounds insanely nice, there’s little competition to the Mpow M13. Sure, active Noise cancellation is a little bit iffy, but that’s made up for by a passive noise cancellation system that does all the noise-canceling you’d expect from a budget TWS earbud.

When you keep that aside and consider the Mpow M13’s highly durable build, its sleek and trendy design, the immersive sound quality, and of course, the very low price, it’s hard to imagine another budget TWS earbud with a better bargain. 

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